Dismanteling the PA and more

After the demonstrations in Palestine and across  the world, I decided I should support my fellow Palestinian youth and demonstrate in NYC. Sadly, the demonstration (pictures below) was rather smaller than I expected, at some point I felt the security presence was larger than the demonstrators, however I decided to stick there till the end. Getting over my initial disappointment, I managed to meet and talk to some interesting people with many differing views . I managed to have some discussions with a few of them and the prevalent sentiment that I walked away with is their demand to dismantle the Palestinian Authority. That I must say unnerved me slightly, so I decided to write a post on why I disagree with this notion. However, I ended up going to a Mahmoud Darwish recital with the presence of Marcel Khalifah, both who are dear to my heart, and an opportunity I could not miss out on. As it is now almost 3 am, I will leave this matter for now and write an in-depth post soon, explaining why dismantling the PA may just be a bad idea now. Till then enjoy the pictures 🙂


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