Indy Media Center in Palestine

The Indy media center in Palestine has been in the back of my mind for about 2 years now, if not longer. I went to NYU back in 2009 to do my masters in Digital Media while thinking I need to study the digital media landscape in Palestine. At NYU, I managed to learn so much about media activism, policy and literacy and rub shoulders with some of the greats in our field. I completed my thesis on ICT development and literacy in the West Bank and managed to collect enough information to realize that much is lacking in this field in Palestine. So now that I’m back in the country, I’ve set about to start an Indy Media center here in Palestine. Yet, my plan is that the center will work mainly on promoting media literacy and offering the Palestinian youth a ‘place’ to express themselves. I’ve looked at some amazing models here in the Arab world such as 7iber and I’ve realized that this model can be used here, as we do have a group of active bloggers with a history in blogging and activism. However, I would like to take it a step further and add a physical space where these bloggers, activists and social media experts can meet, exchange ideas, and more importantly help me in my quest for creating a community of young citizen journalists in Palestine!


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