My Facebook Experiment

I’ve dabbled around with this idea for over a week now, I looked up the steps I need to take and how it would affect my information, I’ve even had friends do it during the thick of deadlines and thesis in school… Well, I finally did it, two days ago, I deactivated my Facebook account!

It happened after a strong urge to be anti-social, and the need for a quieter social network, Facebook had become too loud. So I went to my account and deactivated my account, I decided I’m going to see how long I can last without running straight back to the social world I’ve created virtually. I first got an account back in Fall of 2005, when Facebook finally made it Universities overseas. I remember that summer I had e-mailed the Facebook team, arguing that although the American University in Cairo is based in Egypt, it still is an American University. A month later Facebook came to AUC! Since then, I reconnected with friends I hadn’t talked to in years, I’ve posted many photo albums, used Facebook to sublet my apartment, basically I’ve created a world of friends, acquaintances and more on this network. Of course, I contemplated leaving Facebook a year or two back, when I realized how our privacy was being compromised. But I couldn’t get myself to do it, I couldn’t leave this world that I had allowed into my life, I couldn’t leave my virtual friends, so instead  I changed all my privacy settings and hoped for the best.

I’m still unsure what happened the other day, I don’t know what finally drove me over the edge, I guess I want to see how long I can go without this world.


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